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  1. Improving well-being for looked after children

    L-R: Dr. Paul Rees, Dr. Heather Payne, Alistair Davey, Dr. Liz Andrew, Dr. Sarah Morgan-Trimmer (seminar organiser), Dr. Sally Holland, Prof. Simon Murphy (DECIPHer Co-Director)….

  2. ALPHA gets involved in the HBSC study

    Luke Brace, Shelby Jones, Oliver Sanders and Sophie Jones, members of DECIPHer’s advisory group, ALPHA, tell us about their recent trip to St. Andrews to…

  3. From Weston-super-Mare to the West Indies

    The balmy shores of Weston-super-Mare By Catt TurneyLast week, some Bristol-based DECIPHer staff, PhD students and I took a trip to Weston-super-Mare to attend the…