About DECIPHer

DECIPHer, the Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement, is one of five UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence coordinated by the Medical Research Council.

DECIPHer is a strategic partnership between Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea Universities.

The Centre is led by Professor Simon Murphy (Cardiff University) & co-directed by Professor Rona Campbell (University of Bristol) and Professor Ronan Lyons (Swansea University).

School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University
029 208 79144

School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol
+44 (0)117 928 7363
Centre for Health Information, Research and Evaluation, Swansea University
+44 (0)1792 513484

DECIPHer develops, tests, evaluates and implements complex interventions and policies that achieve sustainable improvements in health and wellbeing, and address health inequalities. Our research has a particular focus on the health of children and young people.

DECIPHer is a leading centre of methodologically innovative multidisciplinary public health research.  The Centre has a strong track record of working with partners from public health policy and practice , and of public involvement in research.

Our research focuses on three broad priority areas relating to the health of children and young people:

  1. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs

  2. Obesity, physical activity and diet

  3. Mental health and wellbeing

We address these issues through four core programmes of research:


The first examines multiple risk behaviours in young people, and the reasons behind these, to develop complex interventions which address multiple risk behaviours and their causes.


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The second investigates organisational approaches to promoting health in schools and other youth settings.



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The third aims to advance methods to develop and evaluate complex interventions. Research in this programme uses randomised trials and other high quality evaluation methods to produce rigorous evidence that is useful to public health decision-makers.


The fourth focuses on linking data from different sources, and conducting ‘natural experiments , to improve our understanding of the determinants of population health.


For more about our research on key public health issues, see our research pages.