Structure and governance

DECIPHer is a strategic partnership between Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea Universities . The Centre is directed by Professor Simon Murphy (Cardiff University) and co-directed by Professor Rona Campbell (University of Bristol) and Professor Ronan Lyons (Swansea University).

The Centre is managed by the DECIPHer Executive Group, consisting of the DECIPHer Director and Co-Directors. The Executive Group lead the strategic and operational management of DECIPHer. The structure of DECIPHer is as follows, and more information on the groups that make up DECIPHer is given below:

Updated Jan 17

The Executive Group is supported by DECIPHer’s Scientific Advisory Board. The Board meets on an annual basis to provide independent external review, advice and support on the operation and strategic development of DECIPHer. Current membership of the Scientific Advisory Board is as follows:

The Board’s terms of reference, which are reviewed on an annual basis, can be downloaded here.

The involvement of members of the public, particularly young people, is central to DECIPHer research, and DECIPHer has strong infrastructure to support this. The  Public Involvement Steering Group advises the DECIPHer Executive Group and individual researchers on how to involve the public in the work of DECIPHer at a strategic and project level. The Public Involvement Steering Group also oversees the running of ALPHA (Advice Leading to Public Health Advancement), DECIPHer’s advisory group of young people . The Public Involvement Steering Group has the following members:

  • Andrea Storer: South Wales Co-ordinator for Young Disabled Person’s Network, Children in Wales
  • Anne Crowley: Honorary staff member, Cardiff University
  • Christine Dobbs: Research Fellow Governance and Public Engagement, Swansea University, CIPHER/DECIPHer
  • Ed Janes: Sessional Youth Worker, Cardiff University, DECIPHer/ PHIRN
  • Emma Langley: Involving People Officer, Health and Care Research Wales
  • Gillian Hewitt: Research Associate, Cardiff University, DECIPHer
  • Hayley Reed: Involving Young People Research Officer, Cardiff University, DECIPHer/ PHIRN Jeremy Segrott (Chair): Research Fellow, Cardiff University, DECIPHer
  • Jonathan Gunter: Director, Ministry of Life Youth Services
  • Nikki Giant:  Managing Director, Full Circle Education Solutions C.I.C
  • Ruth Kipping: Research Fellow, University of Bristol, DECIPHer

DECIPHer, in partnership with the South East Wales Trials Unit, also coordinates the Public Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN), a Registered Research Group funded by Health and Care Research Wales. For more about PHIRN and its role in our knowledge exchange and translation work, see the Working with policy and practice pages.

DECIPHer is one of five Public Health Research Centres of Excellence funded by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, a consortium of public health research funders overseen by the Medical Research Council. The four other UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence are: Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health; The Centre of Excellence for Public Health Northern Ireland; UKCTAS, The UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies; and CEDAR, The Centre for Diet and Activity Research. DECIPHer also collaborates with SCPHRP, the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy.