The Filter FE Challenge

What did we work on?

ALPHA helped develop the logic model for a new smoking prevention intervention. This intervention applies ASH Wales’s The Filter project methods and resources in further education (FE) settings. A logic model is a visual way to represent how we think an intervention will work.  To understand logic models we first looked at the ‘bake a cake’ logic model (below).


What did we do?

ALPHA thought about the potential benefits and problems of implementing The Filter project in FE settings to develop this logic model. For example:

  • Were any of the assumptions about how to prevent smoking among students wrong?
  • Was anything missing from the logic model?
  • Were there any potential benefits not considered?
  • What might the unintended consequences be?

What has happened since?

ALPHA advised that young people are often able to access tobacco in smaller independent shops around FE settings, so the intervention (and logic model) design was changed.  The intervention now includes a component that aims to address this local supply to under-18s. Researchers will also work with young people as ‘mystery shoppers’ to check if they can access tobacco from shops up to 1km away from the FE setting, both before the intervention takes place and after.

What is planned for the future?

A pilot trial has been funded by the NIHR and started in July 2014.  As part of this study ALPHA have been funded to be involved in this research on at least three more occasions throughout the two year project.