DECIPHer experts to advise Public Health Wales

DECIPHer will further strengthen links with Public Health Wales by providing expert input on key public health issues.

DECIPHer Research Fellow Dr. James White , has been invited to join Public Health Wales’s Obesity, Diet and Nutrition Expert Advisory Group. The purpose of the group is to review programmes and initiatives from across the UK and other parts of the world which have an evidence base and proven track record of delivery of effective health improvement outcomes. Based on this, they will make recommendations to the Public Health Wales Board about initiatives that would have the greatest impact in Wales were they implemented.

Dr. Adam Fletcher, DECIPHer researcher and Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University, has been appointed to Public Health Wales’s Collaborative Panel for Children and Young People. This is one of three collaborative panels established by Public Health Wales as part of the planning and implementation phase of their Transforming Health Improvement Programme. The aim of collaborative panels, which will consist of senior representatives from public, private and third sectors, is to ensure that the priorities for health improvement action identified by PHW’s Expert Advisory Groups complement and enhance the work of PHW’s core services and programmes. The panels will appraise recommendations made by the Expert Advisory Groups and help develop plans for implementation.

More about Public Health Wales’s Transforming Health Improvement Programme, and the roles of the different expert groups, can be found on the Public Health Wales website.