DECIPHer research informs new smoking legislation

DECIPHer’s Children’s Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke II (CHETS II) research has informed recent legislation on smoking in cars carrying children.

It was announced on 12 February that smoking in cars carrying children will be banned in England and Wales. The decision in Wales has been informed by CHETS II, conducted by DECIPHer in collaboration with Welsh Government. The study investigated children’s exposure to second-hand smoke, and the effect of the 2007 ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces.

The ban, and the role of DECIPHer research, was covered by the BBC Wales website, ‘BBC Wales Today’ (click on the image below to watch) and Wales Online. Dr. Graham Moore, who led the research at DECIPHer, was also interviewed for ‘Good Evening Wales’.

For more about CHETS II, see the DECIPHer website. The full CHETS II report is available here, and a BMJ Open paper on the research is available here.

Graham BBC Wales 12 Feb2015