Working with policy and practice

DECIPHer aims to lead collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in public health improvement.

Why work with DECIPHer?

Our policy and practice collaborators have unique experience and expertise. Using this throughout the research process helps us to do better research, and allows the evidence we produce to be used more easily to improve public health.

Co-producing research ideas and projects means these address the questions that are relevant and important to policy and practice.

Working together to plan and conduct the research helps ensure it is carried out in a way that is acceptable to policy-makers and practitioners – the people who will ultimately be using the research.

Input from policy and practice ensures that the research evidence we produce is communicated in the most useful way.

For more on how DECIPHer builds collaboration into its work, and how it strengthens the work we do, see our collaboration case studies below.

How do we work with policy and practice?

Ideas for DECIPHer research projects come from academia, policy and practice. Research ideas are developed into funded projects through research development groups – small working groups, typically consisting of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.

A research development group crystallises the initial idea into a specific research question, develops an appropriate research design, and bids for grant funding. This enables policy and practice partners to be fully involved in developing DECIPHer research from the very beginning.

We are always keen to discuss new research ideas and possibilities for collaboration. If you work in public health policy or practice and would like to be involved in research relevant to DECIPHer’s aims, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please email us at or contact the programme lead for your area of interest to discuss how we can work together.

You can also sign up to the monthly DECIPHer e-newsletter  to keep up to date with DECIPHer’s latest research news and events.

What is it like to work with DECIPHer?

We asked some of our key policy and practice collaborators about their experiences of working with DECIPHer. Click here to see what they said.

To find out more about how DECIPHer has built collaboration into key projects, and how this strengthens our research, click on the case studies below.

How do we work with members of the public?

As well as working with representatives from policy and practice, involving the public is central to our work. More about our work with members of the public, particularly young people, can be found in our ‘Public involvement’ section .

Collaboration case studies