Report Launch: GW4 Children and Young People’s Self-harm and Suicide Research Collaboration


This study researches the provision of self-harm prevention and intervention in Secondary Schools. Schools part of the School Health Research Network (SHRN) in Wales and state schools in Devon, including Plymouth, Torbay and Somerset have been invited to participate in a questionnaire. A selection of participating schools will be recruited to take part in interviews and focus groups in order to gather opinions of existing practices and recommendations for future prevention and intervention approaches.  For more information on the project please contact Dr Rhiannon Evans.

  1. Full Report: GW4 Children and Young People’s Self-harm and Suicide Research Collaboration: Report
  2. Research Project Summary: Self-Harm in Schools: Research Project Summary
  3. Policy Document:‌ Self-harm and Suicide in Schools: What needs to be addressed for schools to implement prevention and provide effective intervention?

This study is led by Cardiff University and the University of Exeter, in collaboration with the University of BathUniversity of Bristol and Swansea University, and funded by GW4 Building Communities Programme Accelerator Fund.