Evaluation of the Cooking Bus in Wales

Lead investigator
Professor Laurence Moore

Commissioned and funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, the Cooking Bus in Wales was launched in 2006 as part of the ‘Food and Fitness’ implementation plan. The Cooking Bus is an articulated lorry which contains a purpose-built kitchen classroom and aims to teach children new cooking skills, increase young people’s understanding of food safety and hygiene, and enhance their knowledge of key issues relating to diet and nutrition. The Cooking Bus in Wales delivers sessions in approximately 40 schools per year. These visits are targeted at schools involved in the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Scheme and which are also located in Communities First areas.

Aims & objectives
The evaluation considered: • The aims and objectives of the Cooking Bus; • The key achievements of the Bus from the perspective of stakeholders; • The relationship between the Cooking Bus initiative and related school activities in the schools it visits.
Study design

Interviews, case studies, quantitative surveys. Methods included:

  • Analysis of key documents produced by the Cooking Bus;
  • Interviews with Cooking Bus staff;
  • Interview with Welsh Government official responsible for commissioning and monitoring;
  • Detailed case studies of the Cooking Bus’ work in five schools;
  • Postal survey sent to all schools visited by the Cooking Bus in Wales;

Identification of the costs involved in implementing the Cooking Bus and the potential benefits emerging from its implementation across Wales.

Further information & publications
Start date
December 2007
End date
February 2009