Lead investigator
Ruth Kipping


Professor Russ Jago, Dr AngelikiPapadaki, Professor Laurence Moore, Dr James White, Dr Chris Metcalfe, Professor Will Hollingworth, Professor Rona Campbell, Professor Dianne Ward, Tamsin Ford, Ricardo Araya

Aims & objectives
NAP SACC UK is an obesity prevention study taking place in nursery schools across North Somerset & Gloucestershire. The aim is to test whether we can adapt and use a six month programme from the United States called The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Childcare (NAP SACC). We will make changes to use it in the UK and test whether we can work with childcare providers to make their environments healthier.
Study design

We aim to answer the following questions:

  1. Can the NAP SACC childcare intervention from the US be adapted and developed for use in the UK?
  2. Does the childcare intervention have the potential to increase healthy eating, increase physical activity and decrease sedentary time among 2-4 year old children in UK childcare provider settings?
  3. Is it feasible to conduct a cluster Randomised Control Trial evaluation of NAP SACC in childcare providers in the UK and how should such a trial be designed?
Further information & publications

For more information, please see the following webpage.

Start date
November 2014
End date
April 2017