The World Health Organization’s Health Promoting Schools framework for improving the health and well-being of students, and their academic achievement

Lead investigator
Dr. Beki Langford, University of Bristol

There is a strong reciprocal relationship between health and education: healthy children achieve better educational outcomes which, in turn, are associated with improved health outcomes later in life.

This relationship underpins the WHO’s Health Promoting Schools (HPS) framework, which takes a holistic, settings-based approach to promoting health in schools. HPS interventions require action in the following three areas: curriculum, ethos/environment, and links with families/communities. The effectiveness of this approach has not yet been rigorously tested.


Aims & objectives
To undertake a Cochrane systematic review to assess the effectiveness of the HPS framework in improving students’ health, well-being and academic achievement.
Study design

Systematic review and meta-analysis of cluster RCTs employing the HPS approach.

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