Complex intervention evaluation methods

Research in this programme focuses on advancing methods to develop and evaluate complex interventions. This research focuses on using randomised trials and other high quality evaluation methods to produce rigorous evidence that is useful to public health decision makers. This programme is led by Dr. Graham Moore at Cardiff University.

The aim of this programme of research is to improve the design and conceptualising of interventions and their evaluations. This is achieved by developing implementation and program theory, and methodological tools to understand, hypothesise and test the components of multilevel interventions and the ways they interact.

Engagement with policy, practice and public partners features strongly, particularly in conducting national policy trials.  Key projects include the development of new guidance for the design and conduct of process evaluations of complex interventions, and randomised trials of interventions including the Primary School Free Breakfasts Initiative, and the National Exercise Referral Scheme.

The following are DECIPHer-adopted projects in this programme of research: