Multiple risk behaviours among children and young people

This programme examines multiple risk behaviours in young people, and the factors that influence them. It aims to develop interventions to reduce these risk behaviours and address their causes.  The programme is led by Professor Rona Campbell at the University of Bristol.

A key finding from DECIPHer’s work on the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) cohort study is that when identifying ‘at risk’ groups of young people, the number of risk behaviours young people engage in may be more important than the ways specific behaviours cluster together. Further analysis of ALSPAC data is being conducted to assess the links between risk behaviours and later harms.  Two systematic reviews are currently examining the evidence base for interventions addressing multiple risk behaviours.  These, together with analysis of ALSPAC, and qualitative research with young people, will inform the development of new interventions. The following are DECIPHer-adopted projects in this programme of research: