Schools and other youth settings

Research in this programme is concerned with organisational approaches to promoting health in schools and other youth settings. This programme is led by Prof. Simon Murphy at Cardiff University.

Much of this research focuses on developing and evaluating interventions based on the World Health Organisation’s Health Promoting Schools (HPS) model. These interventions address and connect multiple aspects of school life, including the curriculum, the physical and social environment, and links with families and the local community. We have researchers working with schools on all health priority areas, including mental health and wellbeing, healthy eatingsmoking prevention, alcohol misuse prevention, hand washing, and oral health. A recently completed Cochrane review assessed the evidence base for the HPS model, and the results from this study will help identify promising interventions and priorities for further research.

DECIPHer is also leading a new School Health Research Network (SHRN) in Wales, which brings together schools, researchers and key policy and practice organisations, to improve the quantity and quality of school-based health improvement research. The network already provides secondary schools with better data about their students’ health behaviours, and will support them to co-produce new interventions and research projects with DECIPHer.

The following are DECIPHer-adopted projects in this programme of research: