UKCRC PHRCoE 4th Annual Conference – what the Twittersphere thought

This week, DECIPHer welcomed staff, students and guests from six of the UK’s top public health research centres to the UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence 4th Annual Conference.A key reason the conference was so successful was the level of engagement of the 200 delegates – whether presenting, running workshops, making new links with members of other centres, or challenging the speakers with intelligent questions. One way in which we invited delegates to participate in the conference was via Twitter, using the hashtag #PHRCoE13. Delegates rose to the challenge, tweeting useful information and links relevant to their centres’ presenters, comments on the presentations and, of course, photos from the conference dinner (and dancing).

For those who weren’t following on Twitter or would like the tweets all in one place, we have brought together a selection of tweets from each day of the conference.

Please note: the tweets below may not display correctly in Internet Explorer; if you have any problems viewing the tweets, please try viewing this page in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Day 1


Day 2

For tweets from the six centres involved in the conference, why not follow the centres’ official Twitter accounts? These are:

To see tweets from all six centres, you can read or subscribe to ‘UK public health research’, the Twitter list of the six centres’ accounts.

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