CHETS 2 – Changes In Child Exposure To Environmental Tobacco Smoke Wales 2: Research Into Smoking In Cars Carrying Children


In order to protect children from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke (SHS) in cars, the Welsh Government has launched the three-year Fresh Start Wales campaign, which calls on parents and other carers to pledge to keep their cars smoke free and thereby protect their children from the health risks associated with SHS in a confined space.

The Welsh Government has stated that it will consider pursuing a ban on smoking in cars carrying children if children’s exposure to SHS in cars does not start to fall within three years. To help inform this decision, DECIPHer have been commissioned by the Welsh Government to assess changes in children’s exposure and attitudes to SHS in cars since 2008.

Aims and Objectives

To investigate the effect of the ban on smoking in enclosed public places on the exposure of primary school children to secondhand smoke. To study change in secondhand smoke exposure amongst children who live in households with other smokers. To study children’s exposure to smoking, children’s perception of smoking as a normative behaviour, and primarily, exposure to second-hand smoke.

Study Design

Cross-sectional survey of year 6 (10-11 years old) children in Welsh primary schools. Data to be linked to 2008 data from the original CHETS survey to form a repeated cross sectional study.

Start date

February 2013

End date