Short course June 2021: Methodological Innovation in Public Health Intervention Science: Development, Evaluation and Adaptation

Enrolment now closed.

In lieu of being able to deliver our usual in-person 5-day short course, we have developed a shorter online course focused on methodological innovations in the development, evaluation and adaptation of complex public health interventions.
The three half-day workshops provide a combination of introductory grounding in complexity and public health intervention with a deeper look at specialist topic areas of public involvement and new guidance for intervention adaptation.
Delivery will include taught sessions and interactive discussions, and each delegate will also have the opportunity to book an individual consultation with a DECIPHer expert to discuss advice related to their specific area of work.
The cost of this course will be £300. If you require an invoice, please raise a ‘purchase order number’ before booking. The course will take place on Microsoft Teams (you do not need to have an account).
Any questions, please email Zoe MacDonald:

Day 1 – Wednesday 9th June 12-3pm (GMT+1)

Principles for developing, evaluating and implementing interventions in complex systems

Dr Jemma Hawkins
Dr Honor Young
Dr Kelly Morgan
Professor Graham Moore
Content overview:

• Course introduction
• Defining complex interventions and complex systems
• What does complexity mean for intervention development, evaluation and implementation

Day 2 – Thursday 10th June 12-3pm (GMT+1)

Public Involvement for intervention development and evaluation

Mr Peter Gee
Dr Jeremy Segrott
ALPHA young people’s involvement group
Content overview:

• Principles and practice of involving the public in research
• Practical methods for public involvement and case study examples
• Specific considerations for working with children and young people (delivered in part by DECIPHer’s Young People’s Involvement Group ALPHA)

Day 3 – Friday 11th June 12-3pm (GMT+1)

Adaptation of interventions for implementation and/or evaluation in new contexts: The MRC ADAPT study

Dr Rhiannon Evans
Professor Graham Moore
Content overview:

• Background context and brief overview of the ADAPT guidance development
• Recommendations from the guidance:
1. Selecting an intervention and exploring suitability to context
2. Exploring what adaptations are needed
3. Identifying what evaluation is required
4. Maintaining the intervention at scale
Course wrap-up and Q&A