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Steve Manske (continued)

I’m impressed with the dual focus at DECIPHer: research excellence, and building partnerships across policy, practice and research to capitalize on the strengths of each. I also appreciate the care that is taken with individuals with whom DECIPHer interacts. It’s not just what is done, but also the way DECIPHer operates, that is and will have an impact on the health of the Welsh population. In the case of the School Health Research Network, this can be seen in the strength of both the scientific team (international in calibre, various disciplinary perspectives) and the people ‘on the ground’, who interact day to day with the schools and government. All are very well connected, no one sits in an ivory tower.

The most important outcome of my work with DECIPHer will be stronger efforts to support the development of healthy school communities both in Britain and in Canada. This increased capacity will be a result of the joint contributions of research, practice and policy perspectives, and more effective linkage across them.