CHETS – Changes in Child Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke Wales

Lead investigator
Professor Laurence Moore

The ban on smoking in public places came into effect in April 2007. The smoking ban was anticipated to produce significant reductions in secondhand smoke exposure (particularly in workplaces and in leisure facilities linked to the hospitality trade) and, linked to this, reductions in mortality.

Aims & objectives
To investigate the effect of the ban on smoking in enclosed public places on the exposure of primary school children to secondhand smoke. To study change in secondhand smoke exposure amongst children who live in households with other smokers. To study children’s exposure to smoking, children’s perception of smoking as a normative behaviour, and primarily, exposure to second-hand smoke.
Study design

Questionnaire and Cotinine analysis.

  • Repeated cross-sectional study of children in Year 6 on two occasions.
  • First survey carried out before ban came into force, second survey carried out with different group of students after ban was introduced.
  • On each occasion, just under 2,000 students in 75 primary schools across Wales were asked to provide questionnaire data on own smoking behaviour and exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) in public places. They were also asked to provide saliva samples for cotinine analysis to biochemically measure exposure to SHS.
Further information & publications
Start date
November 2006
End date
May 2009