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Public involvement – making a difference to the work we do

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DECIPHer is supported by a Public Involvement steering group that draws together expertise from across Wales to develop good practice and value-added activities. This includes aligning strategies with PHW Young Ambassadors and the Children’s Commissioner’s Office. The aim of our Public Involvement activities is to ensure that research addresses the needs and priorities of young people, families and the wider community, increases the quality of the research undertaken and facilitates impact.

We include public involvement across our research projects at all stages of the research cycle. Public Involvement in DECIPHer research is facilitated at an early stage through the Research Development Group (RDG) process. RDGs are groups of academics, policymakers, practitioners and the public who come together to identify research areas of interest and develop project funding bids. All RDGs are monitored and, if adopted by DECIPHer, support is offered by the Public Involvement Officer who can help identify the most suitable group to work with and advise on inclusion of appropriate expertise and resources within proposed projects. Our young people’s advisory group, ALPHA, helps ensure that Centre research is relevant to young people and their needs through user voice.

Early involvement ensures the public’s contribution is meaningful and that project-funding applications reflect the public’s needs and include adequate resources.

We asked some of our researchers to reflect on their
use of our public involvement networks and the
support we can provide: