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2014 Publications


Adolescent alcohol use is positively associated with later depression in a population-based U.K. cohort Alexis Edwards, Jon Heron, Danielle Dick, Matt Hickman, Glyn Lewis, John Macleod, Kenneth Kendler

Adolescent male hazardous drinking and participation in organised activities: Involvement in team sports is associated with less hazardous drinking in young offenders Britt Hallingberg, Simon Moore, Joanne Morgan, Katharine Bowen, Stephanie van Goozen

An overview of conducting systematic reviews with network meta-analysis Deborah Caldwell

The association between depressive symptoms from early to late adolescence and later use and harmful use of alcohol Alexis Edwards, Carol Joinson, Danielle Dick, Kenneth Kendler, John Macleod, Marcus Munafò, Matthew Hickman, Glyn Lewis, Jon Heron

The association between hospitalisation for childhood head injury and academic performance: evidence from a population e-cohort study Belinda Gabbe, Caroline Brooks, Joanne Demmler, Steven Macey, Melanie Hyatt, Ronan Lyons

Associations of cannabis and cigarette use with psychotic experiences at age 18: findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children Suzanne Gage, Matthew Hickman, Jon Heron, Marcus Munafò, Glyn Lewis, John Macleod, Stanley Zammit


Barriers and facilitators to HPV vaccination of young women in high-income countries: A qualitative systematic review and evidence synthesis Harriet Batista Ferrer, Caroline Trotter, Matthew Hickman, Suzanne Audrey


Childhood internalizing symptoms are negatively associated with early adolescent alcohol use Alexis Edwards, Shawn Latendresse, Jon Heron, Seung Bin Cho, Matt Hickman, Glyn Lewis, Danielle Dick, Kenneth Kendler

Childhood traumatic events and adolescent overgeneral autobiographical memory: findings in a U.K. cohort Catherine Crane, Jon Heron, David Gunnell, Glyn Lewis, Jonathan Evans, Mark Williams

The contribution of walking to work to adult physical activity levels: a cross sectional study Suzanne Audrey, Sunita Procter, Ashley Cooper

Conversational interaction recognition based on bodily and facial movement Jingjing Deng, Xianghua Xie, Shangming Zhou


Does the HPV vaccination programme have implications for cervical screening programmes in the UK? Helen Beer, Sam Hibbitts, Sinead Brophy, Muhammad Rahman, Jo Waller, Shantini Paranjothy

Do family factors protect against sexual risk behaviour and teenage pregnancy among multiply disadvantaged young people? Findings from an English longitudinal study Chris Bonell, Meg Wiggins, Adam Fletcher, Elizabeth Allen


Effect of neighbourhood deprivation and social cohesion on mental health inequality: a multilevel population-based longitudinal study David Fone, James White, Daniel Farewell, Mark Kelson, Gareth John, Keith Lloyd, Gareth Williams, Frank Dunstan

Examining inequalities in the uptake of the school-based HPV vaccination programme in England: A retrospective cohort study Harriet Fisher, Suzanne Audrey, Julie Mytton, Matthew Hickman, Caroline Trotter


The gender of suicide: knowledge production, theory and suicidology Rhiannon Evans

Gender, relationship breakdown, and suicide risk: a review of research in Western countries Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Graham Moore

Guest Editorial: Special Section on IoT Zu De Zhou, Ricardo Valerdi, Shang-Ming Zhou, Li Wang


IQ and adolescent self-harm behaviours in the ALSPAC birth cohort Shu-Sen Chang, Ying-Yeh Chen, Jon Heron, Judi Kidger, Glyn Lewis, David Gunnell

Is change in environmental supportiveness between primary and secondary school associated with a decline in children’s physical activity levels? Emma Coombes, Andy Jones, Angie Page, Ashley Cooper


Lessons from a peer-led obesity prevention programme in English schools Sarah Bell, Suzanne Audrey, Ashley Cooper, Sian Noble, Rona Campbell


Parental suicide attempt and offspring self-harm and suicidal thoughts: Results from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) birth cohort Galit Geulayov, Chris Metcalfe, Jon Heron, Judi Kidger, David Gunnell

Pet ownership is associated with increased risk of non-atopic asthma and reduced risk of atopy in childhood: findings from a UK birth cohort Simon Collin, Raquel Granell, Carri Westgarth, Jane Murray, Elizabeth Paul, Jonathan Sterne, John Henderson

Physical Activity and Excess Weight in Pregnancy Have Independent and Unique Effects on Delivery and Perinatal Outcomes Kelly Morgan, Muhammad Rahman, Rebecca Hill, Shang-Ming Zhou, Gunnar Bijlsma, Ashrafunnesa Khanom, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy

Pragmatic, formative process evaluations of complex interventions and why we need more of them Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Simon Murphy

Prevalence of Chlamydia in young adulthood and association with life course socioeconomic position: birth cohort study Joanna Crichton, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell, Jon Heron, Paddy Horner, John Macleod


Quantity and quality of psychotherapy trials for depression in the past five decades Peiyao Chen, Toshiaki Furukawa, Kiyomi Shinohara, Mina Honyashiki, Hissei Imai, Kayoko Ichikawa, Deborah Caldwell, Vivien Hunot, Rachel Churchill


Suicide and the 2008 economic recession: who is most at risk? Trends in suicide rates in England and Wales 2001-2011 Caroline Coope, David Gunnell, William Hollingworth, Keith Hawton, Nav Kapur, Vanessa Fearn, Claudia Wells, Chris Metcalfe

Suicide prevention via the Internet: A descriptive review Nina Jacob, Jonathan Scourfield, Rhiannon Evans

Sustainable Change Sequence: a framework for developing behavior change interventions for patients with long-term conditions Glyn Elwyn, Katy Marrin, Dominick Frosch, James White


The unintended consequences of targeting: young people’s lived experiences of social and emotional learning interventions Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Simon Murphy