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2018 Publications


Adolescent self-consent for vaccinations: protocol for a mixed methods systematic review Harriet Fisher, Matthew Hickman, John Macleod, Suzanne Audrey BMJ

Association of Combined Patterns of Tobacco and Cannabis Use in Adolescence With Psychotic Experiences Hannah Jones, Suzanne Gage, Jon Heron, Matthew Hickman, Glyn Lewis, Marcus Munafò, Stanley Zammit Jama Psychiatry

Associations of mode of travel to work with physical activity, and individual, interpersonal, organisational, and environmental characteristics Harriet Batista Ferrera, Ashley Cooper, Suzanne Audrey Journal of Transport & Health

Associations of mode of travel to work with physical activity, and individual, interpersonal, organisational, and environmental characteristics Harriet Batista Ferrer, Ashley Cooper, Suzanne Audrey Transport and Health


Childhood asthma prevalence: cross-sectional record linkage study comparing parent-reported wheeze with general practitioner-recorded asthma diagnoses from primary care electronic health records in Wales Lucy Griffiths, Ronan Lyons, Amrita Bandyopadhyay, Karen Tingay, Suzanne Walton, Mario Cortina-Borja, Ashley Akbari, Helen Bedford, Carol Dezateux BMJ

A cluster randomised controlled trial of the Wellbeing in Secondary Education (WISE) Project – an intervention to improve the mental health support and training available to secondary school teachers: Protocol for an integrated process evaluation Rhiannon Evans, Rowan Brockman, Jillian Grey, Sarah Bell, Sarah Harding, David Gunnell, Rona Campbell, Simon Murphy, Tamsin Ford, William Hollingworth, Kate Tilling, Richard Morris, Bryar Kadir, Ricardo Araya, Judi Kidger Trials

Controlling food, controlling relationships: exploring the meanings and dynamics of family food practices through the diary-interview approach Sarah MacDonald, Simon Murphy, Eva Elliott Sociology of Health and Illness


Developing a typology of mentoring programmes for young people attending secondary school in the United Kingdom using qualitative methods Heidi Busse, Rona Campbell, Ruth Kipping Children and Youth Services Review

Does integrated academic and health education prevent substance use? Systematic review and meta-analyses G J Melendez-Torres, Tara Tancred, Adam Fletcher, James Thomas, Rona Campbell, Chris Bonell Child Care Health and Development


Effect of multiple risk behaviours in adolescence on educational attainment at age 16 years: a UK birth cohort study Wright, Ruth Kipping, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell, Jon Heron

The effect of parental drinking on alcohol use in young adults: the mediating role of parental monitoring and peer deviance Liam Mahedy, Georgie Georgie MacArthur, Emma Hammerton, Alexis Edwards, Kenneth Kendler, John Macleod, Matthew Hickman, Simon Moore, Jon Heron Addiction

The effect of schools on school leavers’ university participation Chris Taylor, Caroline Wright, Rhys Davies, Gareth Rees, Ceryn Evans, Stephen Drinkwater School Effectiveness and School Improvement, An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice

The effects of changes to the built environment on the mental health and well-being of adults: Systematic review Theresa Moore, Joanna May Kesten, José Antonio López-López, Sharea Iljaz, Alexandra McAleenan, Alison Richards, Selena Gray, Jelena Savovic̈, Suzanne Audrey Health & Place

Examining subgroup effects by socioeconomic status of public health interventions targeting multiple risk behaviour in adolescence Laura Tinner, Deborah Caldwell, Matthew Hickman, Georgina J MacArthur, Denise Gottfredson, Alberto Lana Perez, D Paul Moberg, David Wolfe, Rona Campbell BMC Public Health


From complex social interventions to interventions in complex social systems: Future directions and unresolved questions for intervention development and evaluation Graham Moore, Rhiannon Evans, Chris Bonell, Jemma Hawkins, GJ Melendez-Torres, Simon Murphy Evaluation


Health Improvement and Educational Attainment in Secondary Schools: Complementary or Competing Priorities? Exploratory Analyses From the School Health Research Network in Wales Hannah Littlecott, Sara Long, Jemma Hawkins, Simon Murphy, Gillian Hewitt, Gemma Eccles, Adam Fletcher, Graham Moore Health Education and Behaviour


Improving young people’s health and wellbeing through a school health research network: reflections on school-researcher engagement at the national level Gillian Hewitt, Joan Roberts, Adam Fletcher, Graham Moore, Simon Murphy Unesco Health and Education Resource Centre

The impact and acceptability of self-consent procedures for the schools-based human papillomavirus vaccine: a mixed-methods study protocol Suzanne Audrey, Harriet Batista Ferrer, Joanne Ferrie, Karen Evans, Michael Bell, Julie Yates, Marion Roderick, John MacLeod, Matthew Hickman BMJ Open

Individual-, family- and school-level interventions for preventing multiple risk behaviours in young people Georgina MacArthur, Deborah Caldwell, James Redmore, Sarah Watkins, Ruth Kipping, James White, Catherine Chittleborough, Rebecca Langford, Vanessa Er, Raghu Lingam, Keryn Pasch, David Gunnell, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell

Integration of academic and health education for the prevention of physical aggression and violence in young people: systematic review, narrative synthesis and intervention components analysis GJ Melendez-Torres, Tara Tancred, Adam Fletcher, Rona Campbell, James Thomas, Christopher Bonell BMJ Open

Is teachers’ mental health and wellbeing associated with students’ mental health and wellbeing? Sarah Harding, Richard Morris, David Gunnell, Tamsin Ford, William Hollingworth, KateTilling, Rhiannon Evans, Sarah Bella, Jillian Grey, Rowan Brockman, Rona Campbell, Ricardo Arayad, Simon Murphy, Judi Kidger Science Direct


Motivation to reduce alcohol consumption and subsequent attempts at reduction and changes in consumption in increasing and higher-risk drinkers in England: a prospective population survey Frank de Vocht, Jamie Brown, Emma Beard, Robert West, Susan Michie, Rona Campbell, Matthew Hickman Addiction

Results of a feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial of a peer-led school-based intervention to increase the physical activity of adolescent girls (PLAN-A) Simon Sebire, Russell Jago, Kathryn Banfield, Mark Edwards, Rona Campbell, Ruth Kipping, Peter S Blair, Bryar Kadir, Kirsty Garfield, Joe Matthews, Ronan Lyons, William Hollingworth Randomized Controlled Trial


School achievement as a predictor of depression and self-harm in adolescence: linked education and health record study Muhammad Rahman, Charlotte Todd, Ann John, Jacinta Tan, Michael Kerr, Robert Potter, Jonathan Kennedy, Frances Rice, Sinead Brophy British Journal of Psychiatry

School, Peer and Family Relationships and Adolescent Substance Use, Subjective Wellbeing and Mental Health Symptoms in Wales: a Cross Sectional Study Graham Moore, Rebecca Cox, Rhiannon Evans, Britt Hallingberg, Jemma Hawkins, Hannah Littlecott, Sara Sara Longimon Murphy Child Indicators Research

Social Interface Model: Theorizing Ecological Post-Delivery Processes for Intervention Effects Jonathan Pettigrew, Jeremy Segrott, Colter Ray, Hannah Littlecott Tobacco Induced Diseases

Socio-Economic Inequalities in Adolescent Summer Holiday Experiences, and Mental Wellbeing on Return to School: Analysis of the School Health Research Network/Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Survey in Wales Kelly Morgan, GJ Melendez-Torres, Amy Bond, Jemma Hawkins, Gillian Hewitt, Simon Murphy, Graham Moore International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

A Stop Smoking in Schools Trial (ASSIST) a decade on: insights from a mixed method process evaluation Fiona Dobbie, Richard Purves, Jennifer McKell, James White, Rona Campbell, Amanda Amos, Laurence Moore, Linda Bauld Tobacco Induced Diseases

Structural approaches to knowledge exchange: comparing practices across five Centres of Excellence in Public Health Peter Van Der Graaf, Oriokot Francis, Elizabeth Doe, Eimear Barrett, Michael O’Rorke, Graeme Docherty BMJ

Suicide following acute admissions for physical illnesses across England and Wales Stephen Roberts, John Williams, Ronan Lyons, Ann John, Keith Lloyd, Udai Kandalama Psychological Medicine

Survival, signalling and security’: Foster carers’ and residential carers’ accounts of self-harming practices among children and young people in care Rhiannon Evans Qualitative Health Research

A systematic review and synthesis of theories of change of school-based interventions integrating health and academic education as a novel means of preventing violence and substance use among students Tara Tancred, Sara Paparini, GJ Melendez Torres, James Thomas, Adam Fletcher, Rona Campbell, Chris Bonell Systematic Reviews


Teenage recommendations to improve physical activity for their age group: a qualitative study Michaela James, Charlotte Todd, Samantha Scott, Gareth Stratton, Sarah McCoubrey, Danielle Christian, Julian Halcox, Suzanne Audrey, Elizabeth Ellins, Samantha Anderson, Isabel Copp, Sinead Brophy BMC Public Health

A Transdisciplinary Complex Adaptive Systems (T-CAS) approach to developing a national school-based culture of prevention for health improvement: the School Health Research Network (SHRN) in Wales Simon Murphy, Hannah Littlecott, Gillian Hewitt, Sarah MacDonald, Joan Roberts, Julie Bishop, Chris Roberts, Richard Thurston, Alexa Bishop, Laurence Moore, Graham Moore Prevention Science

Typology of drug use in United Kingdom men who have sex with men and associations with socio-sexual characteristics G J Melendez-Torres, Adam Bourne, David Reid, Ford Hickson, Chris Bonell, Peter Weatherburn International Journal of Drug Policy