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2022 Publications


Adaptations and staff experiences in delivering parenting programmes and other family support services in three community-based organisations in Cape Town, South Africa during the COVID pandemic Yulia Shenderovich, Hlengiwe Sacolo-Gwebu, Zuyi Fang, Jamie Lachman, Lucie Cluver, Catherine Ward. Global Public Health

Adapting population health interventions for new contexts: qualitative interviews understanding the experiences, practices and challenges of researchers, funders and journal editors Lauren Copeland, Hannah J Littlecott, Danielle Couturiaux, Pat Hoddinott, Jeremy Segrott, Simon Murphy, Graham Moore, Rhiannon E Evans BMJ Open

An Exploration of the Multiplicative Effect of “Other People” and Other Environmental Effects on Violence in the Night-Time Environment Simon C. Moore, Thomas E. Woolley, James White International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

An exploration of Trends and experiences of delivery of breastfeeding support in England and Wales, since 2015 Dr Rachel Brown, Dr Anthea Tennant-Eyles The Breastfeeding Network

Assessing the profile of support for potential tobacco control policies targeting availability in Great Britain: a cross-sectional population survey Loren Kock, Lion Shahab1, Graham Moore, Niamh K Shortt, Jamie Pearce, Jamie Brown BMJ

Associations between illicit drug use in early adulthood and mortality: Findings from a National Birth Cohort James White Preventive Medicine


CHoosing Active Role Models to INspire Girls (CHARMING): protocol for a cluster randomised feasibility trial of a school-based, community-linked programme to increase physical activity levels in 9–10-year-old girls. Pell, B., Hawkins, J., Cannings-John, R., Charlies, J.M., Hallingberg, B., Moore, G., Roberts, J., van Sluijs, E., Morgan, K. Pilot and Feasibility Studies volume 8, Article number: 2

Cohort Profile: The Green and Blue Spaces (GBS) and mental health in Wales e-cohort Daniel A Thompson, Rebecca S Geary, Francis M Rowney, Richard Fry, Alan Watkins, Benedict W Wheeler, Amy Mizen, Ashley Akbari, Ronan A Lyons, Gareth Stratton, James White, Sarah E Rodgers International Journal of Epidemiology

Cohort profile: The UK COVID-19 Public Experiences (COPE) prospective longitudinal mixed-methods study of health and well-being during the SARSCoV2 coronavirus pandemic Rhiannon Phillips, Khadijeh Taiyari, Anna Torrens-Burton, Rebecca Cannings-John, Denitza Williams, Sarah Peddle, Susan Campbell, Kathryn Hughes, David Gillespie, Paul Sellars, Bethan Pell, Pauline Ashfield-Watt, Ashley Akbari, Catherine Heidi Seage, Nick Perham, Natalie Joseph-Williams, Emily Harrop, James Blaxland, Fiona Wood, Wouter Poortinga, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Delyth H James, Diane Crone, Emma Thomas-Jones, Britt Hallingberg. PloS one  

Collecting genetic samples and linked mental health data from adolescents in schools: protocol coproduction and a mixed-methods pilot of feasibility and acceptability. Warne, N., Rook, S., Bevan Jones, R., Brown, R., Murphy, S., Moore, G., et al. BMJ Open, Vol 12, Issue 2

“COVID-19 really impacted our work”: Changes in services for families and staff experiences in Cape Town, South Africa. Shenderovich, Y; Sacolo-Gwebu, H; Fang, Z; Lachman, J; Cluver, L; Ward, C. Ideas


Defining research priorities for youth public mental health: reflections on a co-production approach to transdisciplinary working. Taylor, A., McMellon, C., French, T., Maclachlan, A., Evans, R.,Murphy, S., et al.  Health Research Policy and Systems

Defining research priorities for youth public mental health: reflections on a co-production approach to transdisciplinary working Taylor, A., McMellon, C., French, T., Maclachlan, A., Evans, R., Murphy, S., et al Preprint from Research Square


Economic wellbeing and associated mediating pathways to improved antiretroviral therapy adherence among adolescents living with HIV: A prospective cohort study in South Africa Steinert, J.I., Shenderovich, Y., Smith, M., Zhou, S., Toska, E., Cluver, L. JAIDS: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Effectiveness of the Strengthening Families Programme in the UK at preventing substance misuse in 10–14 year-olds: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial. Segrott. J., Gillespie, D., Lau, M., Holliday, J., Murphy, S., Foxcroft, D., Hood, K., Scourfield, J et al. BMJ Open 

Effects of gender-transformative relationships and sexuality education to reduce adolescent pregnancy (the JACK trial): a cluster-randomised trial Maria Lohan; Aoibheann Brennan-Wilson; Rachael Hunter; Andrea Gabrio; Lisa McDaid Honor Young; Rebecca French; Áine Aventin; Mike Clarke; Clíona McDowell; Danielle Loga; Sorcha Toas; Liam O’Hare; Chris Bonell; Katie Gillespie; Aisling Goug; Susan Lagdon; Emily Warren; Kelly Buckley; Ruth Lewis; Linda Adara; Theresa McShane; Julia Bailey; James White The Lancet

Enacting whole-school relationships and sexuality education in England: context matters. Bragg, S., Ponsford, R., Meiksin, R., Lohan, M., Melendez-Torres, G.J., Hadley, A., Young, H., Barter, C.A., Taylor, B., Bonell, C. British Education Research Journal

Evaluating the effectiveness of e-cigarettes compared with usual care for smoking cessation when offered to smokers at homeless centres: Protocol for a multi-centre cluster randomised controlled trial in Great Britain. Cox, S., Bauld, L., Brown, R., Carlise, M., Ford, A., Hajek, P., et al. Addiction

Exploring the Activities and Target Audiences of School-Based Violence Prevention Programs: Systematic Review and Intervention Component Analysis Andrew J. Rizzo, Noreen Orr, Naomi Shaw, Caroline Farmer, Annah Chollet, Honor Young, Vashti Berry, Emma Rigby, Ann Hagell, mChris Bonell, G. J. Melendez-Torres Trauma, Violence, & Abuse

Exploring the association between school-based peer networks and smoking according to socioeconomic status and tobacco control context: a systematic review. Littlecott, H., Moore, G., McCann, M., Melendez-Torres, G.J., Mercken, L., Reed, H., Mann, M., Dobbie, F., Hawkins, J. BMC Public Health volume 22

Exploring wellbeing support for young people in the pandemic Mannay, D., Boffey, M., Cummings, A., Cunningham, E., Davies, B, Stabler, L., Vaughan, R., Wooders, C. and Evans, R. Exchange: Family Community  


Feasibility and acceptability of a whole-school social-marketing intervention to prevent unintended teenage pregnancies and promote sexual health: evidence for progression from a pilot to a phase III randomised trial in English secondary schools R Ponsford, S Bragg, R Meiksin, N Tilouche, L Van Dyck, J Sturgess, E Allen, D Elbourne, A Hadley, M Lohan, C H Mercer, G J Melendez Torres, S Morris, H Young, R Campbell, C Bonell Pilot Feasibility Studies


Health behaviour change among UK adults during the pandemic: findings from the COVID-19 cancer attitudes and behaviours study Philip Anyanwu, Yvonne Moriarty, Grace McCutchan, Detelina Grozeva, Mark Goddard, Victoria Whitelock, Rebecca Cannings-John, Harriet Quinn-Scoggins, Jacqueline Hughes, Ardiana Gjini, Julie Hepburn, Kirstie Osborne, Michael Robling, Julia Townson, Jo Waller, Katriina L. Whitaker, Jamie Brown, Kate Brain & Graham Moore BMC Public Health

How does a restorative approach work? Supporting military veteran families affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Annie Williams, Hayley Reed, Jeremy Segrott, Alyson Rees, and Neil Kitchiner The Internet Journal of Restorative Justice


Impacts of EU Tobacco Products Directive Regulations on young people’s use of e-cigarettes in Great Britain: a natural experimental evaluation Moore, Graham , Hallingberg, Britt , Brown, Rachel, McKell, Jennifer, Van Godwin, Jordan , Bauld, Linda, Gray, Linsay, Maynard, Olivia, Mackintosh, Anne-Marie, Munafò, Marcus, Blackwell, Anna, Lowthian, Emily, Page, Nicholas Public Health Research


Lessons learnt: Undertaking rapid reviews on public health and social measures during a global pandemic Eva A. Rehfuess, Jacob B. Burns, Lisa M. Pfadenhauer, Shari Krishnaratne, Hannah Littlecott, Joerg J. Meerpohl, Ani Movsisyan Research Synthesis Methods

Listening to the experts: Learning about relationships and their impact on educational experiences from children and young people in state care Alyson Rees, Louise Roberts, Dawn Mannay, Rhiannon Evans, Eleanor Staples, Sophie Hallett Relational Social Work


Measures implemented in the school setting to contain the COVID‐19 pandemic. Krishnaratne, S., Littlecott, H., Sell, K., Burns, J., et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Mental health and life satisfaction among 10–11-year-olds in Wales, before and one year after onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moore, G., Anthony, R., Angel, L., Hawkins, J., Morgan, K., Copeland, L., Murphy, S., Van Godwin, J., Shenderovich, Y. BMC Public Health 22

Moving on trial: protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial of models of housing and support to reduce risks of COVID-19 infection and homelessness Elizabeth Randell, Bethan Pell, Gwenllian Moody, Calie Dyer, Kim Smallman, Kerenza Hood, James White, Tim Aubry, Dennis Culhane, Susannah Hume, Faye Greaves, Guillermo Rodriguez-Guzman, Ligia Teixeira, Victoria Mousteri, Nick Spyropoulos, Rebecca Cannings-John & Peter Mackie. Pilot and Feasibility Studies 8


Perceptions of friendship, peers and influence on smoking according to socioeconomic status and tobacco control context: A systematic review and meta-ethnography of qualitative research Hannah Littlecott, Graham F Moore, Rhiannon Evans, G.J. Melendez-Torres, Mark McCann, Hayley Reed, Mala Mann, Fiona Dobbie, Stephen Jennings, Caitlyn Donaldson, Jemma L Hawkins ResearchGate

The Positive Choices trial: update to study protocol for a phase-III RCT trial of a whole-school social-marketing intervention to promote sexual health and reduce health inequalities. Ruth Ponsford, Rebecca Meiksin, Elizabeth Allen, G. J. Melendez-Torres, Steve Morris, Catherine Mercer, Rona Campbell, Honor Young, Maria Lohan, Karin Coyle, Chris Bonell Trials  

Predictors and consequences of HIV status disclosure to adolescents living with HIV in Eastern Cape, South Africa: a prospective cohort study. Olanrewaju Edun, Yulia Shenderovich, Siyanai Zhou, Elona Toska, Lucy Okell, Jeffrey W Eaton, Lucie Cluver Journal of the International AIDS Society

Preparedness for roll-out of national school reforms from the perspectives of school staff: Findings from the School Health Research Network 2020 School Environment Questionnaire Long, S., Page, N, SHRN team. SHRN Website.  

Prevalence of Menthol and Menthol Capsule Cigarette Use Among 11-16 Year Olds in Wales Prior to a Ban on Characterizing Flavours in Cigarettes: Findings From the 2019 Student Health and Wellbeing Survey. Moodie, C., Page, N., Moore, G. Nicotine & Tobacco Research

Process Evaluation of Complex Interventions in Non-Communicable and Neglected Tropical Diseases in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review Hueiming Liu, Menglu Ouyang, Xuejun Yin, Alejandra Malavera, Tiana Bressan, Wilmer Cristobal Guzman-Vilca, Niels Pacheco, Melissa Benito1, Jaime Miranda1, Graham Moore, François Chappuis, Pablo Perel, David Beran Global Health Original Research

Protocol for expansion of an existing national monthly survey of smoking behaviour and alcohol use in England to Scotland and Wales: The Smoking and Alcohol Toolkit Study Loren Kock, Lion Shahab, Graham Moore, Emma Beard, Linda Bauld, Garth Reid, Leonie Brose, Marie Horton, Ashley Gould, Jamie Brown Wellcome Open Research


Review of statutory school and community-based counselling services: Optimisation of services for children and young people aged 11 to 18 years and extension to younger primary school aged children Hewitt, G., Copeland, L., Page, N., Willis, S., Murphy, S., Edwards, A., Jones, S., Renold, R., Evans., R. Welsh Government Social Research

Risk factors for poor mental health among adolescent mothers in South Africa Kathryn Steventon Roberts, Colette Smith, Elona Toska, Lucie Cluver, Katharina Haag, Camille Wittesaele, Nontokozo Langwenya,Janina Jochim, Wylene Saal, Yulia Shenderovich, Lorraine Sherrb Psychology, Health & Medicine

Romantic love and involvement in bullying and cyberbullying in 15-year-old adolescents from eight European countries and regions Alina Cosma, András Költő, Honor Young, Einar Thorsteinsson, Emmanuelle Godeau, Elizabeth Saewyc, Saoirse Nic Gabhainn Journal of LGBT Youth 19(2


School-based interventions for preventing dating and relationship violence and gender-based violence: A systematic review and synthesis of theories of change Noreen Orr, Annah Chollet, Andrew J. Rizzo, Naomi Shaw, Caroline Farmer, Honor Young, Emma Rigby, Vashti Berry, Chris Bonell, G. J. Melendez-Torres Review of Education

Self‐harm, in‐person bullying and cyberbullying in secondary school‐aged children: A data linkage study in Wales Ann John, Sze Chim Lee, Alice Puchades, Marcos Del Pozo‐Baños, Kelly Morgan, Nicholas Page, Graham Moore, Simon Murphy

Situating stigma: Accounting for deviancy, difference and categorial relations Robin James Smith, Paul Atkinson, Rhiannon Evans Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Sources and Types of Social Supports and Their Association with Mental Health Symptoms and Life Satisfaction among Young Adults with a History of Out-of-Home Care Rhiannon Evans, Colleen C. Katz, Anthony Fulginiti, Heather Taussig Children

Study design of ‘Move More’: Development and feasibility of a social-prescribing intervention to increase physical activity among inactive Danes Lene Gissel Rasmussen, Rasmus Oestergaard Nielsen, Per Kallestrup, Jemma Hawkins, Knud Ryom Scandinavian Journal of Public Health

Study protocol of a mixed method pragmatic quasi-experimental trial to evaluate the day activity services targeted at older home care clients in Finland Hanna Ristolainen, Leena Forma, Jemma Hawkins, Elisa Tiilikainen BMC Geriatrics

A Systematic Review of School Transition Interventions to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing Outcomes in Children and Young People Caitlyn Donaldson, Graham Moore, Jemma Hawkins School Mental Health

Systematic Review of the Economics of School-Based Interventions for Dating Violence and Gender-Based Violence Fraizer Kiff, Naomi Shaw, Noreen Orr, Andrew. J. Rizzo, Annah Chollet, Honor Young, Emma Rigby, Ann Hagell, Vashti Berry, Chris Bonell, G. J. Melendez-Torres, Caroline Farmer Health Education & Behavior

Tobacco use, smoking identities and pathways into and out of smoking among young adults: a meta-ethnography. Poole, R., Carver, H., Anagnostou, D., Edwards, A., Moore, G., Smith, P., Wood, F., Brain, K. Tobacco use, smoking identities and pathways into and out of smoking among young adults: a meta-ethnography. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy volume 17, Article number: 24 

A UK-wide survey of family group conference provision Sophie Wood, Jonathan Scourfield, Kar Man Au, Rhiannon Evans, Delyth Jones-Willams, Fiona Lugg-Widger, Eve McCormack, Melissa Meindl, Philip Pallmann, Michael Robling, Elizabeth-Ann Schroeder, Stavros Petrou, David Wilkins Cascade

Understanding implementation research collaborations from a co-creation lens: recommendations for a path forward Mónica Pérez Jolles, Cathleen E. Willging, Nicole A. Stadnick, Erika L. Crable, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, Jemma Hawkins, and Gregory A. Aarons Frontiers in Health Services


Views and experience of breastfeeding in public: A qualitative systematic review Aimee Grant, Bethan Pell, Lauren Copeland, Amy Brown, Rebecca Ellis, Delyth Morris, Denitza Williams, Rhiannon Phillips. Maternal & Child Nutrition


WALES 2021 Active Healthy Kids (AHK) Report Card: The Fourth Pandemic of Childhood Inactivity Amie B Richards, Kelly A Mackintosh, Nils Swindell, Malcolm Ward, Emily Marchant, Michaela James, Lowri C Edwards, Richard Tyler, Dylan Blain, Nalda Wainwright, Sarah Nicholls, Marianne Mannello, Kelly Morgan, Tim Evans, Gareth Stratton International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Wellbeing in Secondary Education (WISE) Study to Improve the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Teachers: A Complex System Approach to Understanding Intervention Acceptability. Evans, R., Bell, S., Brockman, R., Campbell, R., Copeland, L., Fisher, H., Ford, T., Harding, S., Powell, J., Turner, N., Kidger, J. Prevention Science

Whole School Approach to Mental and Emotional Wellbeing: evaluability assessment: Development of a theory of change and evaluability assessment for the whole school approach to mental health and emotional wellbeing. Brown, R., Van Godwin, J., Edwards, A., Burdon, M., Moore, G.


Young people’s online communication and its association with mental well-being: results from the 2019 student health and well-being survey Rebecca Anthony, Honor Young, Gillian Hewitt, Luke Sloan, Graham Moore, Simon Murphy, Steven Cook. Child and Adolescent Mental Health