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2020 Publications

Adaptation of interventions for implementation and/or re-evaluation in new contexts: The ADAPT Study guidance (v1.0). Moore, G., Campbell, M., Copeland, L., Craig, P., Movsisyan, A., Hoddinott, P., Littlecott, H., O’Cathain, A., Pfadenhauer, L., Rehfuess, E., Segrott, J., Hawe, P., Kee, F., Couturiaux, D., Hallingberg, B., Evans, R.

IJERPH Special Issue – Recent Advances in Understanding Inequalities in School Health and Wellbeing Morgan, K., Littlecott, H., Long, S.

Promoting the Retention, Mental Health and Wellbeing of Child and Family Social Workers: A Systematic Review of Workforce InterventionsEvans, R., et al. Cardiff University, What works for Children’s social care

Student Health and Wellbeing In Wales: Report of the 2019/20 School Health Research Network Student Health and Wellbeing Survey Page, N., Hewitt, G., Young, H., Moore, G., Murphy, S.

What is the value in local outdoor space for our mental health and wellbeing? Rogers, S., White, J. NIHR Website

Young People ‘Looked After’ in Wales: findings from the 2017/18 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Survey and School Health Research Network Student Health and Wellbeing Survey Anthony R.

Youth smoking and vaping in Wales: Findings from the School Health Research Network 2019 Student Health and Wellbeing survey Page, N., DECIPHer/SHRN


A Latent Class Analysis of Parental Alcohol and Drug Use: Findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children Lowthian. E., Moore, G., Greene, G., Kristensen, S., Moore, S. Addictive Behaviors 104

A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the fostering changes programme Moody, G., Segrott, J., Robling, M., et al. Child Abuse and Neglect 108

A qualitative study of e-cigarette emergence and the potential for renormalisation of smoking in UK youth Brown, R., Bauld, L., de Lacy, E., Hallingberg, B., Maynard, O., McKell, J., Moore, L., Moore, G.International Journal of Drug Policy 75

ADAPT Panel. How can we adapt complex population health interventions for new contexts? Progressing debates and research priorities Evans, R., Moore, G., Movsisyan, A., Rehfuess, E., Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (JECH)

ADAPT study: adaptation of evidence-informed complex population health interventions for implementation and/or re-evaluation in new contexts: protocol for a Delphi consensus exercise to develop guidance Campbell, M., Moore, G., Evans, R., Khodyakov, D., Craig, P., et al. BMJ open Journals Volume 10, Issue 7

Association of illicit drug use in adolescence with socioeconomic and criminal justice outcomes in adulthood: prospective findings from a UK national birth cohort White, J., Bell, S., Batty, D.G., Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Associations of Socioeconomic Status, Parental Smoking and Parental E-Cigarette Use with 10-11-Year-Old Children’s Perceptions of Tobacco Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes: Cross Sectional Analysis of the CHETS Wales 3 Survey Moore, G., Angel, L, Gray, L, Copeland, L, Van Godwin, J, Segrott, J, Hallingberg, B. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17

Change Over Time In Adolescent Smoking, Cannabis Use And Their Association: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Analysis Of The Student Health And Wellbeing Survey In Wales, UK Page, N., Hallingberg, B., Brown, R., Lowthian, E., Hewitt, G., Murphy, S., Moore, G. Journal of Public Health

Charting the trajectories of adopted children’s emotional and behavioral problems: The impact of early adversity and postadoptive parental warmth Paine, A.L., Perra, O, Anthony, R.E., Shelton, K.H. Development and Psychopathology.

Co-production as an emerging methodology for developing school-based health interventions with students aged 11-16: Systematic review of intervention types, theories and processes and thematic synthesis of stakeholders’ experiences Reed, H., Couturiaux,D., Davis,M., Edwards,A., Janes,E., Kim,H.S., Melendez-Torres,G.J.. Murphy,S., Torill A., Smith,J., Prevention Science

Delivery of a mental health first aid training package and staff peer support service in secondary schools: a process evaluation of uptake and fidelity of the WISE intervention. Fisher, H., Harding, S., Bell, S., Copeland, L., Evans, R., Kidger J.Trials

Early adversity predicts adoptees’ enduring emotional and behavioral problems in childhood Paine, A.L., Fahey, K., Anthony, R.E., Shelton, K.H. Early adversity predicts adoptees’ enduring emotional and behavioral problems in childhood European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Ecological exploration of knowledge and attitudes towards tobacco and e-cigarettes among primary school children, teachers and parents in Wales: a qualitative study Brown, R., Van Godwin, J., Copeland, L., Hallingberg, B., Angel, L., Macdonald, S., Segrott, J., Moore, G. Tobacco Use Insights

Engaging parents in digital sexual and reproductive health education: Evidence from the JACK Trial. Reproductive Health Reproductive Health volume 17 Aventin, A., Gough, A., McShane, T., Gillespie, K., O’Hare, L., Young, H., Lewis, R., Warren R. & Lohan, M

How can we adapt complex population health interventions for new contexts? Progressing debates and research priorities Evans R, Moore G, Movsisyan A, Rehfuess E, ADAPT Panel. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 75

Implementing a whole-school relationships and sex education intervention to prevent dating and relationship violence: evidence from a pilot trial in English secondary schools. Meiksin, R., Campbell, R., Crichton, J., Morgan, GS., Williams, P., Willmott, M., Tilouche, N., Ponsford,R., Barter CA., Sweeting, H., Taylor, B., Young, H., Melendez-Torres, G.J., Luz McNaughton Reyes, H., Bonell, C. Sex Education.

Inter‐professional practice in the prevention and management of child and adolescent self‐harm: foster carers’ and residential carers’ negotiation of expertise and professional identityJenning, S., Evans, R. Sociology of Health & Illness

Patients’ Experiences of Emergency Hospital Care Following Self-Harm: Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis of Qualitative Research Macdonald, S., Sampson, C., Turley, R., Biddle, L., Ring, N., Begley, R., Evans, R Qualitative Health Research

Patterning in Patient Referral to and Uptake of a National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) in Wales From 2008 to 2017: A Data Linkage Study Morgan, K., Moore, G., Rahman, M. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH)

Patterns of adversity and post-traumatic stress among children adopted from care Anthony, R., Paine, A., Westlake, M., Lowthian, E. and Shelton, K Child Abuse and Neglect

Practitioner review: Co‐design of digital mental health technologies with children and young people Jones, R., Evans, R., et al. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Qualitative process evaluation of the Fostering Changes program for foster carers as part of the Confidence in Care randomized controlled trial Channon,S., Coulman,E., Moody,G., Brookes-Howell,L., Cannings-John,R., Lau,M., Rees,A., Segrott,J., Scourfield,J., Robling,M. Child Abuse and Neglect,

Socioeconomic status, mental wellbeing and transition to secondary school: analysis of the School Health Research Network/Health Behaviour in School-aged Children survey in Wales Moore, G., Anthony, R.E, Hawkins, J, Van Godwin, J, Murphy, S, Hewitt, G, Melendez-Torres, G.J. British Educational Research Journal

Sources of Bias When Combining Routine Data Linkage and A National Survey of Secondary School-Aged Children: A Record Linkage Study Morgan, K., Page, N., Brown, R., Long, S., Hewitt, G., Del Pozo-Banos, M., John, A., Murphy, S., Moore, G.  International Journal for Population Data Science 5

Sources of potential bias when combining routine data linkage and a national survey of secondary school-aged children: a record linkage study Morgan, K., Page, N., Brown, R., Long, S., Hewitt, G., Murphy, S., Moore, G., et al. BMC Medical Research Methodology

Testing the “Zero‐Sum Game” Hypothesis: An Examination of School Health Policies and Practices and Inequalities in Educational Outcomes Long. S., Littlecott, H., Hawkins, J., Eccles, G.l., Fletcher, A., Hewitt, G., Murphy, S., Moore, G.Journal of School Health.

The neurocognitive profiles of children adopted from care and their emotional and behavioural problems at home and school. Paine, A.L., Anthony, R.E., et al. Child Neuropsychology

Theorising health professionals’ prevention and management practices with children and young people experiencing self-harm: A qualitative hospital-based case study S., Samson, C., Biddle, L., Kwak, S.L., Scourfield, J., Evans, R. Sociology of Health & Illness

Using Visual Timelines in Telephone Interviews: Reflections and Lessons Learned From the Star Family Study Pell, B., Williams, D., Phillips, R., Sanders, J., Edwards, A., Choy, E., Grant, A. International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

Young people’s use of e-cigarettes in Wales, England and Scotland before and after introduction of EU Tobacco Products Directive regulations: a mixed-method natural experimental evaluation Moore, G., Brown, R., Page, N., Hallingberg, B., Maynard, O., et al. International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 85