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Cyhoeddiadau 2015


All Wales Injury Surveillance System revised: development of a population-based system to evaluate single-level and multilevel interventions Ronan Lyons, Samantha Turner, Jane Lyons, Angharad Walters, Helen Snooks, Judith Greenacre, Ciaran Humphreys, Sarah Jones

An appraisal of theoretical approaches to examining behaviours in relation to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination of young women Harriet Batista Ferrera, Suzanne Audrey, Caroline Trotter, Matthew Hickman

Association between breakfast consumption and educational outcomes in 9–11-year-old children Hannah Littlecott, Graham Moore, Laurence Moore, Ronan Lyons, Simon Murphy


Barriers and facilitators to uptake of the school-based HPV vaccination programme in an ethnically diverse group of young women Harriet Batista Ferrer, Caroline Trotter, Matthew Hickman, Suzanne Audrey


Changes from 1986 to 2006 in reasons for liking leisure-time physical activity among adolescents Bente Wold, Hannah Littlecott, Jorma Tynjälä, Oddrun Samdal, Laurence Moore, Chris Roberts, Lasse Kannas, J Villberg, Leif Edvard Aarø

Childhood sleeping difficulties and depression in adulthood: the 1970 British Cohort Study Giles Greene, Alice Gregory, David Fone, James White

Classification of accelerometer wear and non-wear events in seconds for monitoring free-living physical activity Shang-Ming Zhou, Rebecca Hill, Kelly Morgan, Gareth Stratton, Mike Gravenor, Gunnar Bijlsma, Sinead Brophy

Cohort Profile: Growing Up in Wales: The Environments for Healthy Living study Kelly Morgan, Ashrafunnesa Khanom, Rebecca Hill, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy

Community led active schools programme (CLASP) exploring the implementation of health interventions in primary schools: headteachers’ perspectives Danielle Christian, Charlotte Todd, Helen Davies, Jaynie Rance, Gareth Stratton, Frances Rapport, Sinead Brophy

Complex Interventions in Health: An Overview of Research Methods Graham Moore, Suzanne Audrey, Mary Barker, Lyndal Bond, Chris Bonell, Cyrus Cooper, Wendy Hardeman, Laurence Moore, Alicia O’Cathain, Tannaze Tinati, Danny Wight, Janis Baird


Developing and piloting a peer mentoring intervention to reduce teenage pregnancy in looked-after children and care leavers: an exploratory randomised controlled trial Gillian Mezey, Deborah Meyer, Fiona Robinson, Chris Bonell, Rona Campbell, Steve Gillard, Peter Jordan, Nadia Mantovani, Kaye Wellings, Sarah White


Effect and cost of an after-school dance programme on the physical activity of 11–12 year old girls: The Bristol Girls Dance Project, a school-based cluster randomised controlled trial Russell Jago, Mark Edwards, Simon Sebire, Keeley Tomkinson, Emma Bird, Kathryn Banfield, Thomas May, Joanna Kesten, Ashley Cooper, Jane Powell, Peter Blair

Effect of intervention aimed at increasing physical activity, reducing sedentary behaviour, and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children: Active for Life Year 5 (AFLY5) school based cluster randomised controlled trial Ruth Kipping, Laura Howe, Russell Jago, Rona Campbell, Sian Wells, Catherine Chittleborough, Julie Mytton, Sian Noble, Tim Peters, Debbie Lawlor

Electronic-cigarette use among young people in Wales: evidence from two cross-sectional surveys Graham Moore, Gillian Hewitt, John Evans, Hannah Littlecott, Jo Holliday, Nilufar Ahmed, Laurence Moore, Simon Murphy, Adam Fletcher

Emotional pedagogy and the gendering of social and emotional learning Rhiannon Evans

Employer schemes to encourage walking to work: feasibility study incorporating an exploratory randomised controlled trial Suzanne Audrey, Sunita Procter, Ashley Cooper, Nanette Mutrie, William Hollingworth, Adrian Davis, Ruth Kipping, Philip Insall, Kirsty Garfield, Rona Campbell 

Employers’ views of promoting walking to work: A qualitative study Suzanne Audrey, Sunita Procter 

Environmental influences on children’s physical activity Theodora Pouliou, Francesco Sera, Lucy Griffiths, Heather Joshi, Marco Geraci, Mario Cortina-Borja, Catherine Law

Evidence of collaboration, pooling of resources, learning and role blurring in interprofessional healthcare teams: a realist synthesis Sarah Sims, Gillian Hewitt, Ruth Harris

Evidence of communication, influence and behavioural norms in interprofessional teams: a realist synthesis Gillian Hewitt, Sarah Sims, Ruth Harris

Extending Treatment Networks in Health Technology Assessment: How Far Should We Go? Deborah Caldwell, Sofia Dias, Nicky Welton


Factors affecting repeated cessations of injecting drug use and relapses during the entire injecting career among the Edinburgh Addiction Cohort Yang Xia, Shaun Seaman, Matthew Hickman, John Macleod, Roy Robertson, Lorraine Copeland, Jim McKenzie, Daniela De Angelis


Headteachers’ prior beliefs on child health and their engagement in school based health interventions: a qualitative study Todd Charlotte, Christian Danielle, Davies Helen, Rance Jaynie, Stratton Gareth, Rapport Frances, Brophy Sinead

Healthy urban environments for children and young people: A systematic review of intervention studies Suzanne Audrey, Harriet Batista-Ferrer


Implementation of a Cooking Bus intervention to support cooking in schools in Wales, UK. Jeremy Segrott, Jo Holliday, Simon Murphy, Sarah Macdonald, Joan Roberts, Laurence Moore, Ceri Phillips

Implementation of a school-based Social & Emotional Learning intervention: understanding diffusion processes within complex systems Rhiannon Evans, Simon Murphy, Jonathan Scourfield

Initiating change locally in bullying and aggression through the school environment (INCLUSIVE): a pilot randomised controlled trial Chris Bonell, Adam Fletcher, Natasha Fitzgerald-Yau, Daniel Hale, Elizabeth Allen, Diana Elbourne, Rebecca Jones, Lyndal Bond, Meg Wiggins, Alec Miners, Rosa Legood, Stephen Scott, Deborah Christie, Russell Viner 

Intervention fidelity in a school-based diet and physical activity intervention in the UK: Active for Life Year 5 Rona Campbell, Emma Rawlins, Sian Wells, Ruth Kipping, Catherine Chittleborough, Tim Peters, Debbie Lawlor, Russell Jago

Involving young people in changing their school environment to make it safer: Findings from a process evaluation in English secondary schools Adam Fletcher, Natasha Fitzgerald-Yau, Meg Wiggins, Russell Viner, Chris Bonell


Labour induction with prostaglandins: a systematic review and network meta-analysis Zarko Alfirevic,  Edna Keeney,  Therese Dowswell,  Nicky Welton,  Sofia Dias,  Leanne Jones,  Kate Navaratnam,  Deborah Caldwell

Lessons learned from the AFLY5 RCT process evaluation: Implications for the design of physical activity and nutrition interventions in schools Russell Jago, Emma Rawlins, Ruth Kipping, Sian Wells, Cathy Chittleborough, Tim Peters, Julie Mytton, Deborah Lawlor, Rona Campbell

Locating and applying sociological theories of risk-taking to develop public health interventions for adolescents Pandora Pound, Rona Campbell 

Longitudinal changes in sedentary time and physical activity during adolescence Sarah Harding, Angie Page, Catherine Falconer, Ashley Cooper


Making the case for investment in public health: experiences of Directors of Public Health in English local government Mickey Willmott, Justine Womack, William Hollingworth, Rona Campbell

Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence and socio-economic status: findings from a UK birth cohort Ruth Kipping, Michèle Smith, Jon Heron, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell 


Obesity in pregnancy: infant health service utilisation and costs on the NHS Kelly Morgan, Muhammad Rahman, Rebecca Hill, Ashrafunnesa Khanom, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy 

Obesity prevention and the Health promoting Schools framework: essential components and barriers to success Rebecca Langford, Christopher Bonell, Hayley Jones, Rona Campbell 


Parental recommendations for population level interventions to support infant and family dietary choices: a qualitative study from the Growing Up in Wales, Environments for Healthy Living (EHL) study Ashrafunnesa Khanom, Rebecca Hill, Kelly Morgan, Frances Rapport, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy 

Patients’ perspectives of the feasibility, acceptability and impact of a group-based psychoeducation programme for bipolar disorder: a qualitative analysis Ria Poole, Daniel Smith, Sharon Simpson

Physical ACtivity facilitation for Elders (PACE): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial Gemma Morgan, Anne Haase, Rona Campbell, Yoav Ben-Shlomo 

Pragmatic, formative process evaluations of complex interventions and why we need more of them Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield, Simon Murphy

Prevalence and associated harm of engagement in self-asphyxial behaviours (‘choking game’) in young people: a systematic review Heidi Busse, T Harrop, David Gunnell, Ruth Kipping 

Prevalence of smoking restrictions and child exposure to secondhand smoke in cars and homes: a repeated cross-sectional survey of children aged 10–11 years in Wales Graham Moore, Laurence Moore, Hannah Littlecott, Nilufar Ahmed, Sophia Lewis, Gillian Sulley, Elen Jones, Jo Holliday

The PRISMA Extension Statement for Reporting of Systematic Reviews Incorporating Network Meta-analyses of Health Care Interventions: Checklist and Explanations Brian Hutton, Georgia Salanti, Deborah Caldwell, Anna Chaimani, Christopher Schmid, Chris Cameron,  John Ioannidis, Sharon Straus, Kristian Thorlund, Jeroen Jansen, Cynthia Mulrow, Ferrán Catalá-López, Peter Gøtzsche, Kay Dickersin, Isabelle Boutron, Douglas Altman, David Moher

Process evaluation of complex interventions: Medical Research Council guidance Graham Moore, Suzanne Audrey, Mary Barker, Lyndal Bond, Chris Bonell, Wendy Hardeman, Laurence Moore, Alicia O’Cathain, Tannaze Tinati, Daniel Wight, Janis Baird


A qualitative investigation of the role of the family in structuring young people’s alcohol use Nina Jacob, Georgie MacArthur, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell


Religious adaptation of a parenting programme: process evaluation of the Family Links Islamic Values course for Muslim fathers Jonathan Scourfield, Q Nasiruddin


School- and family-level socioeconomic status and health behaviors: multilevel analysis of a national survey in wales, United Kingdom Graham Moore, Hannah Littlecott

Severity of depressive symptoms as a predictor of mortality: the English longitudinal study of ageing James White, Paola Zaninotto, Kate Walters, Mika Kivimaki, Panayotes Demakakos, Aparna Shankar, Meena Kumari, John Gallacher, David Batty

Socioeconomic factors and other sources of variation in the prevalence of genital chlamydia infections: A systematic review and meta-analysis Jo Crichton, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell, Harriet Batista-Ferrer, John Macleod

Socioeconomic gradients in the effects of universal school-based health behaviour interventions: a systematic review of intervention studies Graham Moore, Hannah Littlecott, Ruth Turley, Elizabeth Waters, Simon Murphy

Study protocol: the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of an employer-led intervention to increase walking during the daily commute: the Travel to Work randomised controlled trial Suzanne Audrey, Ashley Cooper, William Hollingworth, Chris Metcalfe, Sunita Procter, Adrian Davis, Rona Campbell, Fiona Gillison, Sarah Rodgers 

Theories of behaviour and behaviour change across the social and behavioural sciences: a scoping review Rachel Davis, Rona Campbell, Zoe Hildon, Lorna Hobbs, Susan Michie

The three stages of building and testing mid-level theories in a realist RCT: a theoretical and methodological case-example Farah Jamal, Adam Fletcher, Nichola Shackleton, Diana Elbourne, Russell Viner, Chris Bonell


What is positive youth development and how might it reduce substance use and violence? A systematic review and synthesis of theoretical literature Chris Bonell, Kate Hinds, Kelly Dickson, James Thomas, Adam Fletcher, Simon Murphy, GJ Melendez-Torres, Carys Bonell, Rona CampbellWhy might men be more at risk of suicide after a relationship breakdown? Sociological insights Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield

The world health organization’s health promoting schools framework: a Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis Rebecca Langford, Christopher Bonell, Hayley Jones, Theodora Pouliou, Simon Murphy, Elizabeth Waters, Kelli Komro, Lisa Gibbs, Daniel Magnus, Rona Campbell