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Cyhoeddiadau 2017


Acceptability of low dead space syringes and implications for their introduction: A qualitative study in the West of England Joanna Kesten, Rachel Ayres, Jane Neale, Jody Clark, Peter Vickerman, Matthew Hickman, Sabi Redwood 

Action 3:30R: protocol for a cluster randomised feasibility study of a revised teaching assistant-led extracurricular physical activity intervention for 8 to 10 year olds Byron Tibbitts, Alice Porter, Simon Sebire, Chris Metcalfe, Emma Bird, Jane Powell, Russell Jago

Active children through individual vouchers – Evaluation (ACTIVE): protocol for a mixed method randomised control trial to increase physical activity levels in teenagers Michaela James, Danielle Christian, Samantha Scott, Charlotte Todd, Gareth Stratton, Joanne Demmler, Sarah McCoubrey, Julian Halcox, Suzanne Audrey, Elizabeth Ellins, Sinead Brophy

Adaptation of the ASSIST peer-led smoking intervention to deliver information from the Talk to FRANK drug education website (ASSIST+FRANK): a pilot cluster-randomised controlled trial James White, Jemma Hawkins, Kim Madden, Aimee Grant, Vanessa Er, Lianna Angel, Timothy Pickles, Mark Kelson, Adam Fletcher, Simon Murphy, Luke Midgley, Gemma Eccles, Gemma Cox, William Hollingworth, Rona Campbell, Matt Hickman, Chris Bonell, Laurence Moore

Adapting the ASSIST model of informal peer-led intervention delivery to the Talk to FRANK drug prevention programme in UK secondary schools (ASSIST + FRANK): intervention development, refinement and a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial James White, Jemma Hawkins, Kim Madden, Jemma Hawkins, Kim Madden, Aimee Grant, Vanessa Er, Lianna Angel, Timothy Pickles, Mark Kelson, Adam Fletcher, Simon Murphy, Luke Midgley, Gemma Eccles, Gemma Cox, William Hollingworth​, Rona Campbell, Matthew Hickman, Chris Bonell, Laurence Moore

Additional considerations are required when preparing a protocol for a systematic review with multiple interventions Anna Chaimani, Deborah Caldwell, Tianjing Li, Julian Higgins, Georgia Salanti Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

All interventions are complex, but some are more complex than others: using iCAT_SR to assess complexity [Editorial] Graham Moore, Rhiannon Evans, Jemma Hawkins, Hannah Littlecott, Ruth Turley Cochrane

An application of Extended Normalisation Process Theory in a randomised controlled trial of a complex social intervention: process evaluation of the Strengthening Families Programme (10-14) in Wales, UK Jeremy Segrott, Simon Murphy, Heather Rothwell, Jonathan Scourfield, David Foxcroft, David Gillespie, Jo Holliday, Kerenza Hood, Claire Hurlow, Sarah Morgan-Trimmer, Ceri Phillips, Hayley Reed, Zoe Roberts, Laurence Moore

Assessing the View From Bottom: How to Measure Socioeconomic Position and Relative Deprivation in Adolescents Frank Elgar, Annie Xie, Timo-Kolja Pförtner, James White, Kate Pickett

Availability of breastfeeding peer support in the United Kingdom: A cross-sectional study Aimee Grant, Kirsten McEwan, Sally Tedstone, Giles Greene, Lauren Copeland, Billie Hunter, Julia Sanders, Rhiannon Phillips, Amy Brown, Mike Robling, Shantini Paranjothy


Clinical and cost-effectiveness of the Lightning Process in addition to specialist medical care for paediatric chronic fatigue syndrome: randomised controlled trial Esther Crawley, Daisy Gaunt, Kirsty Garfield, William Hollingworth, Jonathan Sterne, Lucy Beasant, Simon Collin, Nicola Mills, Alan Montgomery

Comparison of substance use, subjective well-being and interpersonal relationships among young people in foster care and private households: a cross sectional analysis of the School Health Research Network Sara Long, Rhiannon Evans, Adam Fletcher, Gillian Gillian Hewitt, Simon Murphy, Young H, Graham Moore

Comparison of suicidal ideation, suicide attempt and suicide in children and young people in care and non-care populations: Systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence Rhiannon Evans, James White, Ruth Turley, Thomas Slater, Helen Morgan, Heather Strange, Jonathan Scourfield Children and Youth Services Review

The consequences of being labelled ‘looked-after’: Exploring the Educational experiences of looked-after children and young people in Wales. Dawn Mannay, Rhiannon Evans, Eleanor Staples, Sophie Hallett, Louise Roberts, Alyson Rees, Darren Andrews British Educational Research Journal

Contradictory advice for people who inject drugs in the 2016 EASL Recommendations on Treatment of Hepatitis C Jason Grebely, Tracy Swan, Matthew Hickman, Julie Bruneau, Philip Bruggmann, Olav Dalgard, Alain Litwin

Cross-sectional study examining the prevalence, correlates and sequencing of electronic cigarette and tobacco use among 11-16-year olds in schools in Wales Elen de Lacy, Adam Fletcher, Gillian Gillian Hewitt, Simon Murphy, Graham Moore BMJ


Development of a framework for the co-production and prototyping of public health interventions Jemma Hawkins, Kim Madden, Adam Fletcher, Luke Midgley, Aimee Grant, Gemma Cox, Laurence Moore, Rona Campbell, Simon Murphy, Chris Bonell, James White

Development of an algorithm for determining smoking status and behaviour over the life course from UK electronic primary care records Mark Atkinson, Jonathan Kennedy, Ann John, Keir Lewis, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

DNA methylation from birth to late adolescence and development of multiple-risk behaviours Frank de Vocht, Matthew Suderman, Kate Tilling, Jon Heron, Laura Howe, Rona Campbell, Matthew Hickman, Caroline Relton 


Educational Attainment at Age 10-11 Years Predicts Health Risk Behaviors and Injury Risk During Adolescence Joanne Demmler, Rebecca Hill, Muhammad Rahman, Amrita Bandyopadhyay, Melanie Healy, Shantini Paranjothy, Simon Murphy, Adam Fletcher, Gillian Hewitt, Ann John, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy 

Effect of glass markings on drinking rate in social alcohol drinkers David Troy, Angela Attwood, Olivia Maynard, Nicholas Scott-Samuel, Matthew Hickman, Theresa Marteau, Marcus Munafò

Effects of Excessive Alcohol Use on Antisocial Behavior Across Adolescence and Early Adulthood Gemma Hammerton, Liam Mahedy, Joseph Murray, Barbara Maughan, Alexis Edwards, Kenneth Kendler, Matthew Hickman, Jon Heron


Fissure Seal or Fluoride Varnish? A Randomized Trial of Relative Effectiveness Ivor Gordon Chestnutt, Simon Hutchings, Rebecca Playle, Sarah Morgan-Trimmer, Deborah Fitzsimmons, Nadine Aawar, Lianna Angel, Sharron Derrick, Cheney Drew, Ceri Hoddell, Kerenza Hood, Ioan Humphreys, Nigel Kirby, Tin Man Mandy Lau, Catherine Lisles, Maria Zeta Morgan, Simon Murphy, Jacqueline Nuttall, Kateryna Onishchenko, Ceri Phillips, Timothy Pickles, Charlotte Scoble, Julia Townson, Beverley Withers, Barbara Lesley Chadwick Journal of Dental Research


How can schools help to reduce the harm associated with teenage substance use? Development of a theoretically driven whole-school approach Wolfgang Markham, Chris Bonell, Adam Fletcher, Paul Aveyard


Improving Mental Health through the Regeneration of Deprived Neighborhoods: A Natural Experiment James White, Giles Greene, Daniel Farewell, Frank Dunstan, Sarah Rodgers, Ronan Lyons, Ioan Humphreys, Ann John, Chris Webster, Ceri Phillips, David Fone

Improving young people’s health and wellbeing through a school health research network: reflections on school-researcher engagement at the national level Gillian Hewitt, Joan Roberts, Adam Fletcher, Graham Moore, Simon Murphy

The Influence of Online Images on Self-Harm: A Qualitative Study of Young People Aged 16-24 Nina Jacob, Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Scourfield Journal of Adolescence


Keeping it on your radar-assessing the barriers and facilitators to a timely diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in childhood: A qualitative study from the early detection of type 1 diabetes in youth study Julia Townson, Dunla Gallagher, Laura Cowley, Susan Channon, Michael Robling, David Williams, Clare Hughes, Simon Murphy, Lesley Lowes, John Gregory


Nain, Mam and Me: Historical artefacts as prompts for reminiscence, reflection and conversation about feeding babies. A qualitative development study Heather Trickey, Laurence Totelin, Julia Sanders

Neighborhood Quality and Attachment Wouter Poortinga, Tatiana Calve, Nikki Jones, Simon Lannon, Tabitha Rees, Sarah Rodgers, Ronan Lyons, Rhodri Johnson


Pathways through opiate use and offending: A systematic review Karen Hayhurst, Matthias Pierce, Matthew Hickman, Toby Seddon, Graham Dunn, John Keanee, Tim Millara

Physical and psychological health of family carers co-residing with an adult relative with an intellectual disability Jillian Grey, Vasiliki Totsika, Richard Hastings

Pilot trial and process evaluation of a multi-level smoking prevention intervention in further education settings Adam Fletcher, Micky Willmott, Rebecca Langford, James White, Ria Poole, Rachel Brown, Honor Young, Graham Moore, Simon Murphy, Julia Townson, William Hollingworth, Rona Campbell, Chris Bonell 

A Process Evaluation of the Implementation of ASSIST in Scotland Final Report Fiona Dobbie, Nadine Dougall, James White, Rona Campbell, Amanda Amos, Laurence Moore

Protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial of the use of Physical ACtivity monitors in an Exercise Referral Setting: The PACERS study Jemma Hawkins, Michelle Edwards, Joanna Charles, Russell Jago, Mark Kelson, Kelly Morgan, Simon Murphy, Emily Oliver, Sharon Simpson, Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Graham Moore


Reducing low birth weight: prioritizing action to address modifiable risk factors Christopher Johnson, Siobhan Jones, Shantini Paranjothy

Rejoinder to: Implementation of low dead space syringes in response to an outbreak of HIV among people who inject drugs: A response to Kesten et al Joanna Kesten, Rachel Ayres, Jane Neale, Jody Clark, Peter Vickerman, Matthew Hickman, Sabi Redwood 

Risk of Adverse Outcomes for Older People with Dementia Prescribed Antipsychotic Medication: A Population Based e-Cohort Study Michael Dennis, Laura Shine, Ann John, Amanda Marchant, Joanna McGregor, Ronan Lyons, Sinead Brophy

Risk to heroin users of poly-drug use of pregabalin or gabapentin Abigail Lyndon, Suzanne Audrey, Claudia Wells, Erica Burnell, Suzanne Ingle, Rob Hill, Matthew Hickman, Graeme Henderson


School composition, school culture and socioeconomic inequalities in young people’s health: Multi-level analysis of the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) survey in Wales Graham Moore, Hannah Littlecott, Rhiannon Evans, Simon Murphy, Gillian Hewitt, Adam Fletcher

A systematic review of injecting-related injury and disease among people who inject drugs Sarah Larney, Amy Peacock, Bradley Mathers, Matthew Hickman, Louisa Degenhardt

Systematic review of public-targeted communication interventions to improve antibiotic use Elizabeth Louise Anne Cross, Robert Tolfree, Ruth Kipping


Testing the impact of local alcohol licencing policies on reported crime rates in England Frank De Vocht, Jon Heron, Rona Campbell, Matt Egan, JD Mooney, Colin Angus, Alan Brennan, Matthew Hickman

Towards valid ‘serious non-fatal injury’ indicators for international comparisons based on probability of admission estimates Colin Cryer, Ted Miller, Ronan Lyons, Alison Macpherson, Katherine Pérez, Eleni Th Petridou, Nick Dessypris, Gabrielle Davie, Pauline Gulliver, Jens Lauritsen, Soufiane Boufous, Bruce Lawrence, Brandon de Graaf, Claudia Steiner Injury Prevention


Understanding the diffusion of non-evidence-based health interventions: The role of experiential evidence Rhiannon Evans, Simon Murphy, Jonathan Scourfield, Ruth Turley