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Home » CHETS III – Children’s health, e-cigarettes and tobacco smoke: A mixed method study

CHETS III – Children’s health, e-cigarettes and tobacco smoke: A mixed method study

Lead Investigators: Prof. Graham Moore; Doctor Rachel Brown


Today’s primary school children are the first to have been born into a society in which smoking of tobacco is prohibited in public places, and alongside the parallel emergence of electronic cigarettes. Understanding perceptions of tobacco and e-cigarettes among this cohort of young people is important in informing contemporary tobacco prevention policy.

Aims and Objectives

The study aims to:

• Understand perceptions of tobacco and e-cigarettes amongst primary schoolchildren;

• Explore perceived roles of e-cigarettes in shaping smoking norms, or protecting young people from exposure to smoked tobacco, from the perspectives of children, families and schools;

• Establish a longitudinal cohort of young people, whose future smoking and e-cigarette use trajectories can be tracked via the School Health Research Network (SHRN).

Study Design

In this mixed methods study, we first undertook qualitative interviews with pupils, staff and parents in four primary schools in Wales. We then surveyed 2000 pupils within a nationally representative sample of 73 schools across Wales. Our survey data were combined with our earlier CHETS and CHETS 2 surveys in order to understand change over time in perceptions of, and exposure to, tobacco and e-cigarettes among primary schoolchildren in Wales.

Further information & publications

How Do Welsh Primary School Children View Smoking and Vaping?

Ecological Exploration of Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Among Primary School Children, Teachers, and Parents in Wales: A Qualitative Study

Start date

April 2018

End date

September 2019


Cancer Research UK Tobacco Advisory Group