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Schools and Government using SHRN data

The Powys Wellbeing Group for secondary school leaders was one of several groups to grow from the Secondary School Improvement Strategy in the authority. It is a recently formed group that meets virtually to ensure ease of access within this large, geographically spread authority and it is facilitated by a school wellbeing lead with support from the local authority. The value of the group to support educational priorities and Covid recovery across all schools in Powys has been recognised. It was decided that data from the School Health Research Network at a school and Local Authority (LA) level would provide an invaluable focus for the group, as all schools have participated within the latest round of the student survey. As the lead explained:

‘Using the schools and Powys-wide data will help strengthen a culture of sharing practice amongst schools, to allow all to flourish. With SHRN data being available every two years, this will allow for an ongoing cycle of reflection and action.’

Claire Jones, Deputy Headteacher, Crickhowell High School

To complement this, a Powys pupil-voice wellbeing group has also been developed. Plans are in place that once the 2021/22 SHRN data is available for schools, the young people will consider this which will allow their views to be considered in conjunction with those of the senior staff at the wellbeing group. The Senior Public Engagement Officer for DECIPHer is providing support for the young people to evaluate this process. The lead explained:

‘Pupil Voice gives learners from across Powys a real say in the issues that affect them. Their positive contributions allow them to actively be involved in the development of their schools and wider communities. This platform demonstrates a Powys-wide commitment to listening to the views and experiences of all our pupils.’

Rhiannon Rhys-Jones, Assistant Headteacher Ysgol Calon Cymru

These groups provide a strategic approach to wellbeing which will be reflected in school development plans. In a geographically dispersed authority, the groups have encouraged a supportive and collaborative approach to health across Powys secondary schools with SHRN data at its heart. Local Healthy School staff contribute to the groups and recognise their value with the SHRN data to inform the focus of their work as well as encouraging a unified whole school approach to health and wellbeing across Powys. Yan James, a local authority officer supporting the work of the
groups said:

‘The SHRN data will be invaluable to Powys schools to support learner wellbeing and school improvement. It will provide schools with reliable, high-quality data to support their work. It will also provide the local authority with a clear steer of how best to support schools with learner health and wellbeing.’

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