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Cyhoeddiadau 2023


Adversity profiles of children receiving care and support from social services: A latent-class analysis of school-aged children in Wales Rebecca Anthony, Jonathan Scourfield, Graham Moore, Shantini Paranjothy, Annette Evans, Sinead Brophy, Rhian Daniel, Sara Long Wiley

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The Case for Assessing and Reporting on Facilitator Fidelity: Introducing the Fidelity of Implementation in Parenting Programs Guideline Mackenzie Martin, Yulia Shenderovich, E. B. Caron, Justin D. Smith, Godfrey Siu & Susan M. Breitenstein Global Implementation Research and Applications

Conceptualising the primary to secondary school transition within the theoretical framework of ecosocial theory Caitlyn Donaldson, Graham Moore, Jemma Hawkins International Journal of Educational and Life Transitions

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The evaluation of the Scottish Borders/Food Train Eat Well Age Well implementation of the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist Coulman, E., Abburow, A., Curran, M., Grant, J., Murphy, J., Murphy S., Robinson-Miles, T., Sewel, N., Hawkins, J. PHIRST report

Exploring online experiences, cyberbullying and wellbeing for young people looked after in Wales: An analysis of the school health research network 2017/18 survey Louisa M. Roberts, Sophie Wood, Cindy Corliss, Rebecca Anthony Sage Journals


Factors associated with adolescent pregnancy in Maharashtra, India: a mixed-methods study Shruti Shukla, Andrés F. Castro Torres, Rucha Vasumati Satish, Yulia Shenderovich, Ibukun-Oluwa Omolade Abejirinde, Janina Isabel Steinert Taylor & Francis Online

Family-based preventive interventions: Understanding the implementation and key issues in their evaluation / Intervenciones preventivas basadas en la familia: Comprension de la implementacion y cuestiones clave en su evaluacion Jeremy Segrott, Ina Koning Family programs for the community: Good practices in implementation of evidence-based interventions / Programas de familias para la comunidad: Buenas prácticas en implementación de intervenciones basadas en la evidencia 

Family-focused intervention to promote adolescent mental health and well-being in Moldova and North Macedonia (FLOURISH): feasibility study protocol Yulia Shenderovich, Antonio Piolanti, Nevena Calovska-Hertzog, Rhiannon E Evans, Nina Heinrichs, Anita Burgund Isakov, Galina Lesco, Graham Moore, Janina Mueller, Marija Raleva, Bojan Shimbov, Judit Simon, Franziska Waller, Dennis Wienand, Heather M Foran BMJ


Identifying Adolescents at Highest Risk of ART Non-adherence, Using the World Health Organization-Endorsed HEADSS and HEADSS+ Checklists Lucie. D Cluver, Yulia Shenderovich, Marko Seslija, Siyanai Zhou, Elona Toska, Alice Armstrong, Laurie. A Gulaid, Wole Ameyan, Matteo Cassolato, Caroline C. Kuo, Christina Laurenzi, Lorraine Sherr Springer

Identifying protective and risk behavior patterns of online communication in young people Emily Lowthian, Georgia Fee, Chloë Wakeham, Zoë Clegg, Tom Crick, Rebecca Anthony Journal of Adolescence

Identities of women who have an autoimmune rheumatic disease [ARD] during pregnancy planning, pregnancy and early parenting: A qualitative study Denitza Williams, Bethan Pell, Aimee Grant, Julia Sanders, Ann Taylor, Adrian Edwards, Ernest Choy, Rhiannon Phillips PLoS One

Impacts of EU Tobacco Products Directive regulations on use of e-cigarettes in adolescents in Great Britain: a natural experiment evaluation Moore, G., Hallingberg, B., Brown, R., Mckell, J., van Godwin, J., Bauld, L., Gray, L., Maynard, Olivia, Mackintosh, A-M., Munafo, M., Blackwell, A., Lowthian, E., Page, N. NIHR Public Health Research

Interventions targeting the mental health and wellbeing of care-experienced children and young people in higher-income countries: Evidence map and systematic review Rhiannon Evans, Sarah MacDonald, Rob Trubey, Jane Noyes, Michael Robling, Simone Willis, Maria Boffey, Charlotte Wooders, Soo Vinnicombe, G. J. Melendez-Torres Systematic Review

‘I probably wouldn’t want to talk about anything too personal’: A qualitative exploration of how issues of privacy, confidentiality and surveillance in the home impact on access and engagement with online services and spaces for care-experienced young people Lorna Stabler, Emily Cunningham, Dawn Mannay, Maria Boffey, Aimee Cummings, Brittany Davies, Charlotte Wooders, Rachael Vaughan, Rhiannon Evans Sage Journals


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A mixed‑methods process evaluation of the feasibility and acceptability of involving community and peer role models within a physical activity intervention for primary‑school‑aged girls (the CHARMING study) Kelly Morgan, Jordan Van Godwin, Rebecca Cannings-John, Britt Hallingberg, Graham Moore, Bethan Pell, Holly Whiteley & Jemma Hawkins BMC Public Health


Protective factors for adolescent sexual risk behaviours and experiences linked to HIV infection in South Africa: a three-wave longitudinal analysis of caregiving, education, food security, and social protection William E. Rudgard, Maria Granvik Saminathen, Mark Orkin, Boladé Hamed Banougnin, Yulia Shenderovich, Elona Toska BMC Public Health 23(1452) (2023)

Protocol to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an environmental nutrition and physical activity intervention in nurseries (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care – NAP SACC UK): a multicentre cluster randomised controlled trial Ruth Kipping, Miranda Pallan, Kim Hannam, Kate Willis, Alex Dobell, Chris Metcalfe, Russell Jago, Laura Johnson, Rebecca Langford, Corby K. Martin, William Hollingworth, Madeleine Cochrane, James White, Pete Blair, Zoi Toumpakari, Jodi Taylor, Dianne Ward, Laurence Moore, Tom Reid, Megan Pardoe, Liping Wen, Marie Murphy, Anne Martin, Stephanie Chambers, Sharon Anne Simpson BMC Public Health

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A qualitative exploration of stakeholder perspectives on the implementation of a whole school approach to mental health and emotional well-being in Wales  R Brown, J Van Godwin, A Edwards, M Burdon, G Moore Health Education Research


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The Social Workers in Schools (SWIS) Trial: an Evaluation of School-based Social Work David Westlake,
Philip Pallmann, Fiona Lugg-Widger, Elizabeth-Ann Schroeder, Linda Adara, Kim Munnery, Lena Meister, Sharon Ayayo, Verity Bennett, Melissa Meindl, Philip Smith, Shahd Daher, Louisa Roberts, Sarah Rawlinson, Donald Forrester , Stavros Petrou, James White. What Works for Children’s Social Care (WWCSC), 2023


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WHO guidelines on parenting interventions to prevent maltreatment and enhance parent–child relationships with children aged 0–17 years: Report of the reviews for the WHO-INTEGRATE framework Gardner, F., Shenderovich, Y., McCoy, A., Schafer, M., Martin, M., Janowski, R., et al. WHO Report


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